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Championship Specialty Show

7th MARCH 2020

Our 53rd Championship Show - Saturday, 7th March 2020

Open Show

17th November, 2019

10 am. Bulla Dog Centre

The Basenji Club Of Victoria held its first Open Show in 1990. A Hound Group trainee judge is invited to judge at the annual Open show but due to the show being held towards the end of the year the judges have usually already passed their judging tests or are close to it by this stage so we are very fortunate to be able to avail ourselves of their services.

Sunday 17th November 2019


Annual Gala Day

Sunday 17th November 2019


The Basenji Club Of Victoria holds an annual Gala Day around September each year. This is a chance to get together in an informal, fun atmosphere, have a picnic and some doggy fun! It is also a good opportunity for those considering purchasing or adopting a Basenji to come along and meet Basenji owners and their dogs and determine if the Basenji is a breed that will be suitable for them. The event is mainly a fun day but also has an important side to it in that we invite two trainee judges in order for them to learn about the finer breed points in an informal atmosphere and gain some knowledge about Basenjis that will assist them in their judging assignments in the future.

The trainee judges are also encouraged to ask questions and they are able to enjoy different perspectives from various owners or breeders assisting them with each class. This is a fun day so we divide the dog up into bits and pieces such as ‘Best Wrinkle’, ‘Best Tail’ etc, so that show experience is not necessary and all members can join in. We especially encourage pet owners to bring their Basenjis along and join in the fun. A highlight of the day (and a favorite of the dogs) is always the “ Fastest Sausage Eater” Competition.

Gala Day

The Puppy Scramble has been kindly organised and hosted by Mrs Doreen Duffin, one of our life members for many years for all the new baby puppies and their owners to get together for a play and a chat. Its a great opportunity to socialise for puppies and humans alike!! New Basenji owners can chat to other owners and breeders and receive expert advice on all things “puppy”.

We have an afternoon tea where new owners can share stories about all the mischief their puppies have been getting up to! The pups run and play madly until it's time to go home and it is guaranteed that they will sleep soundly all the way home - happy and exhausted!!

Our club is very fortunate to have many experienced Basenji breeders and owners as club members who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers and have done so freely for many years!

The Basenji Stroll

13th Dec 2020

Stroll - 11:00 a.m

BBQ - 12:00

The last Basenji Stroll was held in one of the parks in Melbourne with a great turnout and a good time was had by all who attended and fortunately the rain held off until everyone had packed up to leave.

Members of the BCOV meet in various parks around Melbourne to take their Basenjis for a walk and talk about all things Basenji along the way. Any of our members who would rather not go on the walk are welcome to join us to enjoy a Picnic or a BBQ after the walk! This is a wonderful socialisation opportunity for the dogs and an opportunity to talk to other Basenji owners and share Basenji experiences whilst getting some fresh air and exercise! Members & their families are welcome to join us with or without a Basenji!